Frequent player points – FPPs

You can follow your FPP balance in the upper right corner of the poker client.

How do FPPs work?

  • Multi-table tournaments and sit ‘n’ go tournaments: 1 FPP is given for every €0.25 paid in tournament fees. For example, a tournament that has a buy-in of €4+€0.40 will earn you 1 FPP; however a tournament that has a buy-in of €5+€0.50 will earn you 2 FPPs.
  • Ring games: All players at the table who have contributed rake to any pot during each table session will receive FPPs as long as the total rake contribution exceeds €0.25. You will earn 1 FPP for every €0.25 contributed in rake during each individual table session.
  • Only Frequent Player Points earned at tables at which a seat is taken after the promotion has started will count towards FPP based races/events. For example, if you sit down at a table at 23:55GMT and then go on to play until 00:15GMT the following day then no points earned during that session will count towards your total, even those earned after 00:00GMT. However if you were to sit down at 00:01GMT and play until 00:15GMT then all of your points in that period will count.
Rake taken FPPs rewarded
For every €0.25 table rake contributed in each individual table session 1 FPP
€0.25 paid in tournament fee per single tournament 1 FPP

Please note that if your account has been inactive for 6 months or longer, all FFPs will expire.

Unsure what rake is? Click here for a full explanation. If you have any questions then please contact